The Galaxy Gear Smartwatch by Samsung


The Galaxy Gear Smartwatch by Samsung

Smartwatches were always the types of things you'd see in the movies but they're now becoming a reality when it comes to the real world.

Samsung have today announced the Galaxy Gear, a powerful smartwatch that works in harmony with other Samsung Android phones.

It has a 1.63-inch 320x320 AMOLED display with a gorgeous brushed aluminium frame surrounding it. It runs on a 800Mhz single core processor, has 4GB of memory and 512MB of RAM. It runs off a 315mAh battery which doesn't sound like much at all but Samsung are saying it'll typically last a day - so like your smartphone, you'll probably need to charge it everyday.

It of course gives you notifications, music playback and all sorts of little apps but it also has some other neat features not seen in some of the most recent smartwatches. It has a 1.3-megapixel camera which is capable of recording short 720p videos. It also has a speaker and two microphones so you can actually carry out phone calls with it - though you might look a bit silly.

It'll be available in by the end of this month (September) globally. But available in the US early October. The US version will cost $299, no word on UK pricing yet though I'd expect it to be at least £200.