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Recently, there have been lots of attempts to re-invent your iPhone calendar. First to arrive was Fantastical, which spawned other apps like Sunrise, which focused on excellent design and usability. Event Book is not brand new on the App Store, but has just hit a revolutionary 2.0 release.

In this new release, it’s all about the design. The new interface is clean and colourful, and is very “flat”, much like the new iOS7. On opening, you can see your upcoming events for the day, and quickly add an event with just one tap. There are also multiple themes to choose from, so you can have your calendar look just how you like it.

The uniqueness of Event Book though is in it’s multiple different ways to view your schedule. There are four options: by day (the default), by week, month or in a list. These different views make the app very flexible. If you have loads of events in just one day, the day view is fine. But if you work in a more long-term frame of mind then month or week are really great; and if you’re busy all of the time the list view is a great way to just see absolutely everything. There is also a location view, to view all your events as pins on a map, so you can see how far it is between your different events, making planning a breeze.

It’s in week view that the app gets its “book” reference: you flick between weeks like pages of a book, a bit like Flipboard. Whilst this may please some users, I found it to be not very intuitive as I prefer to scroll vertically. Additionally, the flipping animation lagged a bit and made the whole process a lot more laborious. I also found it frustrating to add events in the week view. Without thinking, I tapped on a day to try and add an event, but you have to go the long way round and add an event as you would on any other view. The default date is the Monday of your viewed week, so you have to manually input the date of the event. This for me made the whole week view a bit pointless.

The general design and usage of Event Book is great, but it wouldn’t replace even the stock calendar app for me. The idea of easily accessible different views is great, but as I didn’t find these different views particularly functional, there is no need for me to replace what I’m already using. Additionally, it doesn’t have the natural language parsing or detailed Facebook integration that other calendar replacements have, and therefore I wouldn’t choose this app on top of what’s already on offer.

That said, the thing with your calendar is the usefulness is generally very specific to your needs. For me, Event Book didn’t provide anything new to meet my current needs, but some of my friends love using it. It’s free, so if you’re at all tempted, you can grab it from the link below.

Event Book for iPhone

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