10 Awesome Mac Tips That Will Enhance Your Experience


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Most keyboard shortcuts and operating system tips aren't put down in any sort of manual purely because there are so many. But when you do find a great one, it can easily change some of the tasks you found tedious.

Here are just 20 awesome Mac tips that can easily change and enhance your experience.

1. CMD + backspace to delete files

If you came from Windows you will have probably gotten used to that delete button on the keyboard. Mac doesn't have that unfortunately, the quickest way to delete files is to press CMD and backspace at the same time.

2. Hide/Show dock with Alt + CMD + D

A great way to maximise screen space is to hide that dock which can be very useful on Macbooks. No having to keep going into preferences to hide/show it. If it's hidden, you can just hover over whichever side of the screen it's one and it'll reappear.

3. CMD + Tab will show your current running apps and let you choose between them

A very quick and easy method to see what is currently running. You can also cycle along to whichever app by hitting the tab button as many times as required.

4. Take a screenshot - Shift + CMD + 3

This will take a screenshot of the whole screen. But there are also some other ways to take different types of screenshots. Shift + CMD + 4 will allow you to choose a specific area to screenshot. Shift + CMD + 4 and then pressing the spacebar will allow you to take a screenshot of a window.

5. Quickly access spotlight/search - CMD + Spacebar

Spotlight is one powerful tool and is a great way to search your Mac for basically anything.

6. Add a signature with preview

You can use the 'Preview' app to open a PDF and add signatures.

Just click on that 'annotate' button next to the search bar. You then hit the 'signature' button. You can create a signature by simply writing it on a piece of paper, then holding it up to the camera. It'll save your signature and you can then use it to add it to any PDF you like.


7. Quickly preview files in spotlight

A very neat feature of spotlight is the ability to either preview or find out more information about a file just by hovering over it.

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 22.57.12

8. Shift + CMD + N creates a new folder

9. Change volume/brightness more accurately by holding Shift + Alt

10. Silence that annoying boot up sound by holding the mute key when your Mac is booting

These are only 10 of hundreds of Mac shortcuts and features that are at your disposable. If you know of any not listed here, just put them in the comments!