Webflow – Build Responsive Websites With Little Coding Knowledge Needed

Everyone needs or wants a website now that the internet is becoming a necessity in life. However making great websites still isn’t the most easiest experience unless you have been making them for a few years.

Webflow is a new service which hopes to ease the process of making websites – especially responsive ones. It may look like a pretty complicated service but it’s actually very simple in what it does. You’re given a clean interface from which you can basically drag and drop elements and create a website.

I am not an experienced coder and something like this is actually ideal for when it comes to making a website myself. It provides you with a more graphical interface instead of sticking lots of code in front of you. Though if you have understanding of HTML and CSS it’ll help greatly in making your own site with Webflow.

Webflow has an array of elements to help you make your website. You can drag and drop different sections, columns, headings, paragraphs, links, blocks, images, buttons, videos and forms.

They do also offer a bunch of videos to help you learn how to use the web app that are very helpful.

When you’ve placed an element you will be required to add a CSS class to it so you can style it. You can do all sorts such as change size of elements, change fonts, change colours, add borders and much more.

Webflow has very useful tablet and mobile views that help you design your website to be responsive. You can move around elements so that they’re better organised on a tablet or phone. You can even hide and show different elements on different screen sizes which can be very helpful on mobile phones where speed is critical to conversion rates.

Once you have a website finished you have a number of ways to make your website live. The free option allows you to simply create as many websites as you like, then export them and host them yourself. But if you don’t want to mess around with any of that, it offers premium options where it handles the hosting for you. It’ll upload the website for you and handle all the technical stuff so you don’t have to.

Webflow is actually a brilliant service for those who aren’t yet 100% comfortable with coding a website with a text editor. It can also be very helpful for those who are more visual when it comes to their work and don’t want to be constantly sifting through code. Some will say that you don’t have full control of what you’re creating, but that is completely untrue. You can easily export all the code and edit it how you like, giving you total control.


Below is an hour long video of a website being made in Webflow. It’s worth watching if you’re interested and can show you how powerful the web app actually is.

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