Top 5 Benefits of Side Projects for Designers

Getting exposure is a great goal to achieve for many new designers. It helps spread your name, your work, and your talent to other industry leaders and potential clients. One great way to do this is with side projects. In this post I share the top 5 benefits of side projects, and how they can help kick-start your career.


Like I just mentioned, exposure is the first and most-beneficial side effect of side projects. Getting your name out their is important, especially for reputable work. Side projects significantly increase your chances of virality on the web and more exposure for your work.


Side projects challenge you and force you to learn new things in order to finish them. This is a great way to gain experience and expand your skill-set.


Sometimes it’s good to take it easy. Side projects are a great stress reliever and they are the perfect efficient way you can spend your time between projects or work dues.


Side projects are a great way to make new friends and collaborate with others. They can be fun and can help you work with new people!


This is not a guaranteed benefit, but with some successful side projects, profit can be expected. If you work hard to make a useful resource that people will use often, and can find a beneficial way to monetize it without annoying the users, then all the power to you! If not, it is still perfectly fine, profit shouldn’t be your only reason for all side projects.

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