Tips & Resources for a Freelance Design Business


Tips & Resources for a Freelance Design Business

Freelance design is a challenge, especially when it is a one man show. You have to handle wireframing, sketching, designing, contracts, and a whole other side to the business. Not to mention marketing and networking for yourself. So today I figured I would round up some tips and tricks for freelancers in a handy, resource filled post. Take some time to read, review, and bookmark these points. They are perfect reference points for various stages of your freelance design business.

Networking & Marketing

Networking and marketing are the two most important parts of getting your business off the ground. Surely you need some design talent, but without a solid strategy, no one will know about your business! Here are some tips to get started.

Design & Development

Design and development are the crafts that you assume for your job. Here are a bunch of useful tips, tricks, and resources for improving and bettering your skill set.

Multiple Revenue Sources

Having multiple streams of income is important, especially for freelancers, here are some ways to diversify your income.

Free Resources

Whether these are legal templates, stock photos, or tools to speed your workflow, they are amazing and most are free!

Inspiration & More

Some inspiration and tips to improve your creativity as a designer.

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