Pressy - Add Another Button To Your Smartphone


Pressy - Add Another Button To Your Smartphone

As phones have become mainly just touchscreen devices, manufacturers have of course removed buttons in the process. It's a natural process as a touchscreen is of course much more versatile than a physical hardware button.

However sometimes physical hardware buttons are prefered over touchscreen controls, such as a camera shutter button. Pressy is a new Kickstarter project that wants to bring you an extra button.

Pressy is a small device that simply pops into your 3.5mm headphone jack. On top of it is a little clickable button. This button can be customised to perform nearly any function you like.

Pressy only went live on Kickstarter yesterday (28th of August) and today it has already nearly raised twice the amount it needed to get funded which is pretty incredible. The project has got until the 14th of October so it will most likely raise hundreds of thousands in funding.

Pressy only works on Android for now as it is of course a more open and versatile OS compared to iOS. Android allows products like these to be able to control the device, iOS doesn't unless it has already been approved by Apple directly.