Best iPhone Apps for University or College


Best iPhone Apps for University or College

Summer is nearly over, and term-time is looming in the distance. To help get you organised for your return (or start) at university or college, here are a few apps you will find invaluable.

Evernote - Free (Premium: £4 /month)

Best iPhone Apps for University or College

I'm a huge Evernote fan, and I find it really boosts your organisation. Best thing about it? You can use it for practically anything: lecture notes, to-do lists, storing emails and letters. It's your digital notebook you can't lose because it's backed up to the cloud. In fact, it's not just an iOS app, but universal across all iOS devices, Mac, PC, Android and Web as well, so it follows you where ever you are. The ability to organize everything into separate notebooks (one for notes and one for assignments for example) and then us tags to categorize across notebooks makes everything super easy to find. Even if you do misplace something, the extremely powerful search function will find it for you. If you don't have time to type, Evernote recognizes text in photos and documents so you can just take a photo of what you want to remember, or upload the document, and it will be stored in Evernote forever.

Evernote for iPhone or for iPad

Penultimate - Free

If typing notes isn't your thing, and you have an iPad or iPad mini, you'll like Penultimate. Penultimate is a handwriting app that (providing your handwriting is legible enough) records your notes and syncs them with Evernote. The benefits of this is not only can you find what you've written, but you can also draw diagrams alongside your notes, which is really useful for more visual thinkers. The Evernote sync feature is particularly useful if you are already using the Evernote service. You will need to purchase a stylus so you can write on your iPad, but I think it's completely worth it.

Penultimate for iPad

Wunderlist - Free (Pro: $4.99 /month)

Best iPhone Apps for University or College

Wunderlist is fantastic to-do list if you like the native Reminders app, but wish it was a bit more functional. With Wunderlist you can create separate lists for different things, and each item within a list can also have sub-tasks associated with it. Like Evernote, Wunderlist is a universal app, so your tasks are on all of your devices. It also has customizable backgrounds, so your tasks can feel more personal to you. The Pro version of Wunderlist packs even more great features: you can upload files to tasks and delegate tasks to others (really useful for group projects). For task delegation, only the person who created the task needs the pro account, so only one person in the team has to pay the (rather reasonable) $4.99 a month it costs.

Wunderlist for iPhone or for iPad

MyScript Calculator - Free

Best iPhone Apps for University or College

Doing maths or another subject that uses a lot of numbers? Then MyScript Calculator is for you. Write in your workings, just as you would on paper and MyScript will output the answer for you. MyScript supports advanced functions like logs, trigonometry and phi, which makes it the most intuitive scientific calculator ever. It also supports an unknown anywhere in an equation: for instance you could input 4x?=12 and MyScript would output 3. If you work with numbers everyday, MyScript Calculator is essential, and available on iPad and iPhone.

MyScript Calculator for iPhone or for iPad

iBooks - Free

Best iPhone Apps for University or College

This one is pretty self explanatory. At university, you're going to be reading a lot, and if you don't want to buy a Kindle but keep all your books in one place, iBooks is the best choice. The iBookstore has 1.5 million books, most of which are cheaper than their physical counterparts. With iBooks you can make highlights, notes and define words all from within the app, so you can save important pages and quotations for later use. Additionally, if you have non-fiction books that get a new, updated edition, the new edition will be available to update for free, which is a really useful feature. iBooks, being an Apple made app, is available on both iPhone and iPad.
iBooks for iPhone or for iPad

Whatever you're studying at university or college, your iOS device can make life alot easier, whether inside the classroom or out, so I highly recommend you check these apps out.