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Hunie - The Site for Designer-to-Designer Feedback

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Hunie - The Site for Designer-to-Designer Feedback

Hunie is a community for creatives to collaborate through constructive peer-to-peer critiques. No likes, no favorites, no popular page, and no ego is involved. Hunie is strictly the site for creatives to share, critique, and improve their work. It is a wonderful concept and I have been hooked on the site for months.

Hunie has accrued over 38,000 critiques in just a few months, not to mention thousands of designers are using the site to collaborate and critique each others designs each day. Building a community of quality feedback is hard, but Hunie has found a way to master this. No other place will you find as high quality, and in-depth feedback as you will on the site! I am amazed at the sheer quality of the site, and the coercion I have seen through designers.

Hunie - The Site for Designer-to-Designer Feedback

Here's how it works. Start by submitting some work. Next, add some information and details about your design projects. Finally, wait for feedback and critiques from some of the top designers and creatives in the world! After you've improved your own work, pay it forward. Help others improve their design projects by providing useful, constructive feedback and advice.

Hunie - The Site for Designer-to-Designer Feedback

Still unsure about the quality of the critiques? Get this. Some of the top, most-experienced designers in the world are using the site. The designers responsible for Facebook, Twitter, Iconfinder, and others are all a part of this wonderful site and are providing feedback to their peers.

Stay organized by working on multiple projects at once. Keep your work private. Hunie doesn't share your work anywhere off of the site. Enjoy the creative freedom of helping other designers without the hassle of likes and views, like a popularity contest.

Hunie - The Site for Designer-to-Designer Feedback

While it is an invite only network, it is very easy to join and start getting feedback right away. Email Damian ( or George ( ) with your portfolio and design work, and expect to get invited quickly.

My design productivity and quality has improved exponentially since I began using the site. I have grown as a designer, and have become much better at communicating feedback. All thanks to this wonderful site. Be sure to sign up today and start improving your creative work!

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