Google Play Music All Access Now Available in UK

Yesterday, Google expanded its music streaming service into the UK and 8 other European countries, in an attempt to battle with major streaming music providers like Spotify and Rdio

Google Play Music All Access was first announced back in May as an extension to the pre-existing Google Play Music service and was only available in the US. The original Google Play Music service allowed you to upload up to 20,000 of your own songs, which could be accessed in your browser or on your Android phone. The new All Access version gives you unlimited listening to the Google Play library of songs, provides a personalised radio service from any song or artist, and gives you smart recommendations based on your listening history. The All Access extension has a 30-day free trial, and then costs £7.99 a month up until the 15th of September, when it will cost £9.99.

This lower price will interest many, but the lack of support for multiple platforms will leave iOS users stranded. For new users who are embedded in the Android ecosystem, Google Play Music All Access is a logical choice for a streaming service, but for people already subscribed to Spotify or Rdio, Google Play Music All Access will not motivate a switch.

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