Find The Font On Any Web Page Using This Chrome Extension

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Find The Font On Any Web Page Using This Chrome Extension

If you're a web designer, you are most probably obsessed with web fonts. Thankfully as the web has evolved we've been given a choice of thousands of fonts to choose from for our websites. We're not limited to the ones that are installed on our machines.

With all this choice, it's impossible working out what font is what. And sometimes you find a font used by a website that is beautiful, you would like to use the same font on your own site. Instead of having to dive into Inspect Element, being given a weird name and not knowing where it's being served, you can use this very handy Chrome extension.

WhatFont is a very useful Chrome extension that saves you the hassle of having to open up the Inspect Element panel. You simply activate the extension, click on some text and it'll show you the font name, the weight, font size, line height, a preview of the font, colour of the text and even where it's being served from. This is a must have tool for any web designer.

WhatFont - Chrome Extension