DeskConnect - Connect Your Mac to Your iOS Device With Ease


DeskConnect - Connect Your Mac to Your iOS Device With Ease

It can be hard working with both your phone and your computer. Really hard. Things are on your phone that you want on your computer and vice-versa. Dropbox has provided a good solution for a while, but DeskConnect aims to go one better.

DeskConnect can allow you to continue exactly what you were doing on your Mac on your iPhone. Working on files, browsing websites, can easily be continued on your other device.

The Mac app works really neatly, sitting in your menu bar until you need to use it.  You can drag and drop files and photos onto it to transfer them to your phone, or transfer the contents of your clipboard or current URL in two clicks. You can also configure your own keyboard shortcuts to make the process super quick. If you send a Google Map or directions to your phone, the DeskConnect app knows what to do with it, using your chosen navigation app. It's all very seamless and really useful.

For me, phone to Mac proved slightly more cumbersome. On the plus side, the app can view almost any file, and you can use your files elsewhere. For example, you could open a .txt file in the app, or open it in Evernote or Google Drive. Actually setting it up on your phone is quite confusing, and the interface isn't the nicest, but once it's up and running it works a charm. The files you send are also hard to access, hidden away in an obscure "Application Support" folder.

Personally though, DeskConnect is indispensable. I can start writing on the go and continue easily when I get home. I can save myself some time in Photoshop, using VSCO Cam and Aviary to quickly edit my images before sending them back to my computer. For a free app, it's extremely fast and functional and if you find it difficult working between devices, I certainly recommend you give it a try.

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