Getting Your Design Work More Exposure

Getting exposure of your design work is incredibly important. So long as you want clients, that is. I’m going to assume you do if you are reading this. Anyways. Getting exposure isn’t about pushy promotion through tons of tweets and posts. It’s about knowing the way to promote in a subtle, but effective manner.

First consider your fields. For designers you have a whole range of sites: Dribbble, Behance, DeviantArt, Forrst, etc. For developers you have HackerNews, GitHub, Forrst, etc. On top of social networks and your own site(s). The first step is posting and sharing your work. Be sure to interlink these various sites or have them all linking to your main portfolio or website, wherever that may be.

Next work on building friends and followers on sites like Twitter and Facebook who can help you promote your work. Don’t constantly ask them to tweet and share your work. Simply build a network of friends and followers who enjoy your work and in time your work will get shared and posted around the web. Here are a few tips for designers looking to up their networking game. Networking works wonders when it comes to promoting a new project or site you are releasing, so try to work at your networking skills.

Finally remember that your work is the most important part. Focus on producing and sharing quality work and quality work only. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be working all the time on new designs. It is said that quantity trumps quality when it comes to gaining experience and skills. Simply share your best work in your various web portfolios and keep the other designs stored on your computer for future reference.

Getting more exposure for your design work is not a process that takes a few days. It is an ongoing task that you need to work on constantly to improve your marketing efforts, but it is all the more worth it when it pays off. Keep working hard to improve your craft, your network, and your ability to communicate your designs.

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