CyanogenMod To Work With Chromecast - Play Video or Audio From Nearly Any App


CyanogenMod To Work With Chromecast - Play Video or Audio From Nearly Any App

If you've ever wanted to stream content to your TV from your phone, tablet or computer, but don't want to mess around with wires or any confusing configuration Chromecast is the way to go. It allows you to stream content to your TV wirelessly very quickly and you can continue using your device at the same time - no having to leave an app running.

However Chromecast was pretty limited when it comes to which apps support streaming. Only apps like Netflix and some official Google apps supported wireless streaming to the Chromecast. Google are set to release an API to allow anyone to implement Chromecast in their own app - it saves Google time and money, it's why the Chromecast is so cheap at only $35.

CyanogenMod, the most popular aftermarket firmware for Android devices, has figured out a way to implement Chromecast into any app which uses Android's official media player. They've baked Chromecast support right into the firmware, allowing them to stream music and video to Chromecast from nearly any app.

Now instead of having to wait for app developers to catch up and provide support for Chromecast, CyanogenMod does it for you. It even allows you to stream video and audio that is stored on your device or SD card.

No word on when it'll actually come to the official CyanogenMod release but this is pretty exciting. Google just need to release the Chromecast in other countries already!