Cal – Beautifully Designed Calendar App

Cal is a new calendar replacement app for your iPhone, made by Any.Do. Any.DO made their fame with their to-do list app, but are now expanding into more productivity apps. Call is the first, and Mail and Memo are to follow. Both Cal and Any.DO share a very simple and minimal design aesthetic. It isn’t dissimilar to much of the design changes coming in iOS7, so if you can’t wait until that’s released then Cal is a good choice.

The first thing you notice on opening the app is how well thought out the design  is; even signing up for the service is beautiful and a breeze. When you get into the calendar itself, each day has a unique image (which is alterable in the preferences) beneath the day’s events. Pull down and you’ll be greeted with the entire month at a glance, with different length bars beneath the days showing how busy you are.

Currently, Cal may just sound like a better designed stock calendar, but there are a few things that make it stand out. On opening the calendar, you are instantly told what event is next in your schedule. Then, when you have space between events, it automatically tells you how much free time you have, something I find particularly useful.

There is also excellent integration with Facebook events. You can see who’s going, the location of the event, and even email or message participants. Cal also supports all calendars on your iOS device, iCloud, GMail etc.

What makes this app truly great is its integration with Any.Do. From Cal you can see your tasks in context with the rest of your day, and even initiate the “Moment” feature from the app. To have a calendar and to-do list in one app is a productivity nerd’s dream, and the ease with which the two apps integrate is simply brilliant.

Considering Any.Do is the number one to-do list app on the app store, if the company push the integration with Cal to their existing users Cal is sure to be popular. For those that don’t use Any.Do, the decision to switch may be harder to make. Cal doesn’t have the natural language parsing of other calendar replacements like Fantastical, but if you wish your stock calendar was just that bit prettier and easier to use, you’ll love Cal.

Cal for iPhone

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