5 Great Tips for Marketing on a Budget


5 Great Tips for Marketing on a Budget

When I started marketing my website at first I had no money. Aside from the cash I used to set up hosting and domain fees, I was at wallet zero. I had to get creative to find ways to market effectively without any actual cash or really any resources aside from a few friends. Here is a small guide with tips for marketing on a budget. I will share my process and how I grew my blog from scratch.

1. Research

I don't have a proper background in marketing or business promotion, so this was all new to me. I did what any determined entrepreneur would do. Research all across the web. I started reading awesome blogs like QuickSprout, CopyBlogger, and Nathan Barry's Blog to learn about their techniques, tactics, and strategies.

I read their posts, with multiple others, religiously. Day in day out I was learning about unique ways to improve my business without spending  a time. So before I get to any of the real tips, so to speak, I wanted to make aware how important research is. If you are serious about marketing on a budget, go all out. Research and learn the important techniques used by the best of the best to market effectively.

2. Networking

I said it before and I will say it again, networking is king. I attribute a lot of my successes, accomplishments, and new opportunities to networking and the wonderful people I have met and befriended. Learn to network and build a web of resources for yourself and your business. In doing so don't forget to help them out as well. Everyone has a business or a personal goal, otherwise they wouldn't be networking. So don't assume it's all about you.

In building up contacts you can collaborate, get your content promoted, and open up tons of new opportunities. You may think this is some weak tip, but it helped me more than any other methods.

3. The Power of Social Media

Post, Tweet, Share, Like, Retweet, Rinse, Repeat. How hard can it be? Successfully engaging an audience to buy your products and services is a lot harder than you might think. For one, consider social media another asset, but don't rely on it. I use social media as a tool to build up my email list. In turn I use my email list as a tool to sell products. However; this doesn't mean social media isn't important.

Recognize the power of your social networks. Get the word out about your site, your product, or your awesome service. Build a loyal audience that cares what you say, and might in turn share it.

Also check out these tips to increase your twitter followers.

4. Email

As previously written, email is how I sell my products. Start an email list early. It isn't hard to do and most have a free plan for beginners. Promote it in subtle, but effective ways. Build a following on your email list, and actively write to your readers. Grasp their attention with well written content and thought-provoking posts. Then, when it comes time to by your product or read you book, they will be dying to get ahold of it.

Never use email as a blind promotion tool. It takes a careful amount of preparation and practice to successfully market through email. Treat email just like your site. Share content, and market your product in without disrupting the flow of content.

5. Content & Guest Posting

Remember that most of these tips will fail without some solid content or products. Share your knowledge and give the reader something of value. Utilize your acquired wisdom to enlighten the audience and motivate them. Content is the fuel behind your freight-train of a business, so keep cranking out incredible stuff and you will be moving full steam ahead.

Also remember the power of guest posting. Not only will this expand your audience, but it will grow your other networks as well. Get new readers, get recognition, and share something useful when doing guest posts. Just be sure to share something valuable and actually take advantage of these guest posts!

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