4 Ways to Speed Up Your Photoshop Workflow


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Working in Photoshop is a great way to get basic ideas down for your designs. For me it is one of my most used tools, being a user interface designer. However; some web designers have abandoned this and gone with design in the browser. That is totally ok too. In this post, I share some tips to speed up your Photoshop workflow, for all of you designers who do use Photoshop.

1. Layout

A solid layout is key to a great design workspace. I like to place my layer panel, actions panel, and swatches to the right, with my tools, type, paragraph, and settings panel to the left. All other extraneous windows are removed so I can stay focused on what's important to my process. A great way to keep your layout in check is to use plugins and add-ons. We recently featured this cool add-on for UI Designers on the site, and it's free!

2. Folders

Organizing your design resources, files, and images is very important. By having a solid structure of folders I can quickly access stock photos, icon sets, resource files, and other objects I might need for future projects. This speeds up workflow a lot, so keep your folders organized to ease your stress when searching for specific design related items.

3. Layer Naming & Grouping

Keeping your layers organized and grouped is very important. Especially in the case of web design, user interface design, and other bigger projects. Always try to name your layers in a descriptive manner, and make use of highlights to keep track of important layers and guides.

4. Shortcuts

I presume most of you reading this know a few shortcuts, but do you know more than the occasional undo or copy/paste? If not, I encourage you to learn more. I recently took the time to learn shortcuts for unique tasks, and not just the usual. It has boosted my productivity so much. Not only can I accomplish more, but I don't have to deal with false clicks or switching tools and such. Need some help? Check out this handy guide we featured detailing so many great shortcuts for Photoshop CS6.

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