30 Bokeh Photos | Part 30

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30 Bokeh Photos | Part 30

Bokeh is the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photo. Here are some great examples of Bokeh photography.

You can check out the previous episode here – Bokeh Photography #29


Restaurant's reflection


Bicycle in Vienna

30 Bokeh Photos | Part 30

30 Bokeh Photos | Part 30

shad thames

Little Lights {Explored}

Somewhere in Florence.

HFF #14

Street Lights

The golden hour

Sunny Glow

Atmosphere, Photocopied.

Man with hat

In a sea of lights...

Downward Spiral

Danbo and Camera 1-2

Exceed the limits

Patriotic Fence

Its whats on the inside that matters!


Stopping for a call



Portrait of a camera.

30 Bokeh Photos | Part 30

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