3 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers


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Twitter followers are one of the most sought after goals of so many people on the web. Whether it be for popularity, promotion, or bragging rights. Either way this post is not for just getting plain followers. It is a way to increase your twitter followers over time and to grow an audience that actually cares about your content, work, and tweets.

1. Engage

First step, engage. Follow people  relevant to your field. Follow people who care about what you have to say, and who enjoy conversing with you. Start engaging in conversations with your followers, people who you follow, and even retweets of new twitter accounts. By fulling dedicating your efforts to engaging in conversation instead of just blindly following people to get more followers in return, you are building a valuable audience and a network of friends and fans.

2. Promote

No one will know about your account unless you start sharing it with them. Post your twitter account on other social networks. Encourage your audience to check out your tweets. Work to build up your backlinks to your twitter account from all your other methods of social media marketing. Read more about effectively using social media. Consider it an ongoing task, because the long term goals you reach are well worth the time and effort. Be sure to follow the UltraLinx Twitter Account.

3. Virality

Share content that resonates with your fan base. Post about relevant news in your industry, post something inspirational, make a joke. By doing these things, you can effectively engage your followers and help get retweets, favorites, and over time new followers. The more value you create with every tweet, the more reason people will follow you, stay followed, and stay increasingly intent on the wonderful tweets you share.

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