Ways to Get Fired Up for Your Job

Ever find yourself in a total slump of boredom? You are sick of work, tired of day-in-day-out habits. This used to happen quite often with me, but through experimentation and careful planning I found some incredible ways to get fired up about my work and inspired to do and create more!


This may seem obvious. Most likely you do it on a daily basis, like right now perhaps? ­čÖé The trick is to find content that inspires. Some topics that always get me excited about my work are startup tips, motivational success stories, experiences, and even stories about failure. You may be wondering why I think failure is good for reading about, especially when it comes to inspiring your own work. This is because in every failure, there are countless valuable lessons to be learned.

Another problem I face is finding the right places to read. You may find sections of motivational content here and there on sites, but finding the sites with heaps of good stories is a must. This helps you save time and read faster and more productively.

Some great sites to get you started on this are Medium, Svbtle, and Alistapart. They are all great sources of motivation for people in the creative or web entrepreneurial fields.


I can’t stress this point enough. After reading dozens of articles, books, blog posts, and tweets over the course of maybe a few months I began to wonder if it was all worth it. It is imperative that you retain the information you read.

Using services like Evernote and Instapaper I was able to save articles for future reference, organize notes and quotes, and bookmark even the smallest of snippets that felt inspiring or motivation to me.

Another great thing to keep in mind is the power of the favorite tool on twitter. Favorite any, and all tweets that share inspiring quotes, meaningful information, or interesting articles. Then in the future check out your favorited tweets and go back to those tweets to be reminded of these awesome and interesting words.


Writing, whether that be notes to yourself or blog posts to thousands is always helpful. Don’t limit yourself to a single topic or even a single field for that matter. Even writing jibberish at times can get the mind flowing and that is what helps.

No matter what the topic, if you feel compelled began a story, a post, or even just a tweet. You never know where it will lead, and how it can inspire you.


By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. -Benjamin Franklin

Planning is a necessity when it comes to organization and productivity. Even if it is as simple as making a quick list of notes on a piece of paper. A solid plan can keep you focused and on task for the day. It also helps to balance out your work.


Like I mentioned in my previous point, balance is another essential part of staying organized and productive. Not only will it help you stay fresh and less worn out from your work, but it will keep your mind working in different parts.

Don’t confuse this with multi-tasking. By balance I mean utilizing parts of your day for separate projects or other jobs. Try to keep multi-tasking to a minimum. As much as it seems to be helpful when getting work done, it leads to a lack of focus and less quality work.

Added Notes:

Overall just remember to stay organized and be smart about the way you work. Always keep objects of interest and inspiration near by. Try to have some notes, books, articles, and excerpts of motivation. Above all, stay positive, that’s the best way to get fired up for you job!

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