Ubuntu Edge – The Smartphone Looking For $32 Million In Crowd Funding

I’ll be honest, when I read the story yesterday about Ubuntu wanting $32 million in crowd funding for their new phone, the Ubuntu Edge, I thought “they’re havin’ a laugh right?”. I take it back, because they’re on track to raise that $32 million in just 11 days if they keep going at the rate they’re going at.

In just one day Ubuntu has already raised a whopping $3 million. The campaign has become the fastest yet, raising $2 million in just 8 hours.

The Ubuntu Edge is a smartphone which wants to be the Formula 1 of the smartphone world, where they can provide cutting edge technology in phones that has never been seen before. It is highly aimed at technology and smartphone enthusiasts.

From the teaser above, the phone does look absolutely gorgeous. It has a super minimalistic design made up of mainly glass and aluminium.

It will have a large 4.5-inch display but it’ll be at a resolution of 1280×720. Ubuntu want the Ubuntu Edge to be at the forefront of technology so it’s puzzling to see why the resolution of the display is lower than some other competitors out there. They say they that anything above 300ppi is overkill and would rather concentrate on colour, brightness and dynamic range – basically overall quality. They will also be protecting the display with a much tougher glass – pure sapphire crystal – apparently it’s so tough that only another diamond can scratch it.

It will run Android and Ubuntu Mobile OS – giving you dual boot capability. Other specs include the fastest multi-core processor they can find, 4GB of RAM, 128GB of storage and other standard features you’d find in a smartphone.

You be wondering how much one will cost? Well by donating $830 you’ll be able to secure yourself one when it comes to time of release.

Ubuntu Edge

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