Spendee for iOS


Spendee for iOS

Logging your income and expenses is of course the best way to work out where your money is coming from and where it's going. It's the best way to also work out whether you need to actually spend money on this or that, and work out where you can save some cash.

Spendee is a new iOS app which helps you log your income and expenses in an absolutely beautiful way. Featuring a very flat, simple and colourful design, it's fantastic for tracking your cash.


You will be presented with your feed every time you open the app. This will show you all of your income and expenses in a neat list style - all very helpfully colour coded. You can simply delete or write a note for an expense by swiping over it. You can even set an expense to repeat which is very handy if you have subscriptions like a phone contract or a Netflix account.

Overview Graphs

When you tap on the overview tab you get an array of graphs and charts which help you visualise your income and expenses. You can drill down pretty deep into the information, showing you expenditure for any particular day, how much more you spent compared to last month, what day you spent the most and much more. The animations are also gorgeous - it just helps to visualise the information very well.

I'll be using the app myself from now on, it's just perfect for basic expenses and income tracking. It's been designed to be simple and easy to use and is perfect for the average user.