How Reading Improved My Design Work


How Reading Improved My Design Work

I used to brush off reading and convince myself that I was simply too busy to do it. I was strictly designing all the time, and figured reading could wait. Little did I know, reading has had one of the biggest impacts on my design career.

I began to realize that reading is a fundamental skill that should be utilized in each and every craft. Whether it be to learn new skills or for advice regarding more in-depth subjects, reading can be helpful for any situation. So, I started to read all the time.

Day in, day out, at night, in the morning. I read every free chance I could. Books, blog posts, articles, magazines, e-books. Every piece of material I could get my hands on that was at all relevant to design I would find, and read. Expanding the articles I read helped me to learn even more fields that were of interest to me. Typography, Photography, Illustration, Design, Business, Web Development. Those were just a few of the new fields I began to explore, and I was in a world of awe.

By giving reading a chance, I was able to learn about the thought process behind designs, the careful precision that goes into craft, and the challenges designers face on a daily basis. Reading helped me to understand people, their stories, and the fundamentals of design. By reading I felt learned so many facets of design I would never have discovered had I kept designing relentlessly.

So if you can take anything away from this article, it is this. Go out, grab a new book, bookmark that blog post, and get all the magazines you can. Start reading and exploring the different fields and ideas and thoughts. Learn and grow. It will translate into your designs and you will start to see it translate into the way you think. I know this all sounds so cliche, and for some of you it may be obvious. But, for those of you who are over-working and can't seem to get the results you desire, consider taking a break from the canvas. By entering this new medium, you will be able to discover a whole new realm of information to assist you and refresh your entire design process.

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