Play GBA Games on Your iPhone With This GBA Emulator – No Jailbreak Needed!

I loved my Gameboy and I’m sure many of you guys did too – I was a huge fan of the Pokemon series. If you had a jailbroken iPhone you’d be able to download Gameboy emulators and play classic Gameboy games.

Now though any iPhone or iPod Touch user can have the GBA emulator on their device through this neat little hack. You just need to follow the procedure below.

How To Install GBA Emulator on Non Jailbroken iPhone

1. Go to Safari on your iPhone and type in this link – – type it in exactly how you see it there, lowercase and uppercase.

2. Scroll down until you see a big blue button labeled ‘Install App’. Tap on it and you’ll be taken to a new page.

3. Now you should see a progress bar, wait for it do its thing until you see a blue button labeled ‘Next’. Tap on it.

4. You’ll now see a ‘Install app via OTA’. Tap on it, it’ll ask for your permission and press ‘OK’.

5. You’ll now see an app install on your homescreen like any other app, but this app will have a question mark. Once it’s finished downloading it’ll change to the correct icon.

There you have it, you have the GBA emulator on your device! But now you’re probably wondering how to install games.

How To Install GBA Games

1. Open the GBA emulator app.

2. Hit that search icon in the top right, and Safari will open up. Hit the first link.

3. Search for a game you like. Once you’ve found one, tap on it, scroll down until you see a ‘Download Now’ button.

4. The game will now start downloading and you’ll see the nav bar loading with the blue colour animation – as if you’re loading a new site. Wait for it to download.

5. Once it has downloaded you’ll see a ‘Open in…’ button on the top left, tap on it.

6. Then tap on ‘Open in GBA4iOS’.

And now you know how to install games!

This hack is pretty amazing as it works on any iPhone, whether jailbroken or not. Found by Xsellize, it was very kind of them to share it with everyone.

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