Macaw - A More Design Centric Web Design App


Macaw - A More Design Centric Web Design App

Learning how to code can be a daunting prospect to a designer who has been living in Photoshop. However Macaw wants to make it easier for designers as well as coders by giving you a client that incorporates both.

Instead of just manually writing out code all the time, Macaw gives you the ability to design the site but let the app take care of the coding.

It wants to make your code as clean as possible by using global classes instead of adding a specific style to specific elements. You can also easily apply a certain style to a number of elements at once, without having to copy and paste multiple times for each element.

It does all the responsiveness for you. You can choose where you want specific responsive break points and the app will take care of the rest.

Make sure to check out the demo video below. It's 20 minutes long but it really does give you an idea of how powerful and great this app could be.