Kii - A Little Keyring Charger for Your iPhone and iPad


Kii - A Little Keyring Charger for Your iPhone and iPad

Unfortunately smartphones these days don't have the battery life of the might Nokia's back in the day - you could easily go 5 days without charging. This isn't really manufacturers fault, it's just that batteries haven't been evolving as fast as our phones have. Our phones have much more advanced screens, they play music, run apps, have GPS and WiFi - all sorts of tech.

Many of us now require carrying our charging cables around with us just so we can make sure we have enough battery life to last us through the day. Unfortunately carrying a cable charger can be pretty inconvenient.

Kii is a new charger for iPhones and iPads that can go on your keyring. It's very small and can easily be plugged into any USB port to start charging your device. It's pretty handy by the looks of it and will be a saviour to many.

But the price of Lightning version is a whopping $40. Pretty expensive but it may be worth it for some for the convenience it can provide.

Kii - Keyring Charger