Incredible Twitter Redesign | Concept


Incredible Twitter Redesign | Concept

When someone comes up with a redesign for a site, they usually stick to most of the fundamental elements you see on the current site. But Fred Nerby likes to take his concepts to a whole new level and show off something completely different - he did that with this amazing Facebook redesign.

Fred is now back with a radical Twitter redesign. One of the main uses of Twitter is to follow celebrities, businesses and websites - it's how Twitter grew to be very popular. Fred wanted to make the Twitter experience a lot more engaging by transforming the whole site. He put the focus on celebrities - wanting users to be able to feel more deeply connected with their favourite people.

It's a pretty developed concept, it's definitely worth reading through and looking through the screenshots properly to get a good understanding of it.

Twitter 1

Twitter 2

Twitter 3

Twitter 4

Twitter 5

Twitter 6

Twitter 7

Twitter 8

Twitter 9