Google Glass Reimagined By Sourcebits


Google Glass Reimagined By Sourcebits

Google Glass is an incredible new technology from Google which is basically like a little computer on a pair of glasses. Pretty amazing, right? However; the design was a bit less than amazing. Clunky, awkward, and all around strange, creative company Sourcebits, sought to reimagine that! In this amazing concept redesign, Sourcebits was able to come up with an effective new design and a much more stylish version as opposed to the current Google Glass Prototype.

Google Glass 2

Google Glass 3

Aside from a beautiful, stylish new design concept, this reimagined product is very balanced and effectively reorganized the technology behind Glass to build a more even concept.

Google Glass 4

Google Glass 5

Google Glass 6

The team assembled to create this concept was built up of Illustrators, 3D Artists, Designers, & Other Creatives. I think they did a fantastic job. Is it practical? I am not entirely sure, but in terms of style, I think they nailed it!