Google Announce Chromecast


Google Announce Chromecast

Everyone is trying to solve the TV problem out there as internet based media consumption is flying through the roof. Google have just released an all new product which they hope will fix this issue.

The Chromecast is a small dongle that goes directly into the HDMI slot of a TV. It then connects to your home WiFi and allows you to stream content directly to the TV via your internet connection.

You control what appears on the TV either through your phone, tablet or computer. Now you may be thinking this is very similar to Apple's AirPlay but Chromecast actually has one very different but crucial element - the content isn't taken from your phone, tablet or computer, the content comes straight from the cloud. So you can tell Chromecast to play a movie on Netflix through your phone, then you can just carry on using your phone as normal - you aren't made to stay in the app.

Chromecast will work with YouTube, Netflix and some other apps. They have also released the SDK for it allowing other developers to take advantage of the streaming capabilities.

The best thing about the Chromecast? It's only $35. And you get three months of Netflix free with it.

Unfortunately it's only available in the US for now but Google are promising to bring it to other countries soon.