How Freelancers Can Earn More by Working Less

Earn more by working less. What!? Yeah, you read it right. It isn’t that hard either. I mean, sure it takes some getting used to, but the rewards are well worth the hardships. In this article I discuss some of the ways I increased my profits as a freelancer with a few unique marketing tricks.

Increasing Profits, Unique Marketing Tricks

Today I would like to discuss how you can increase your profits with some unique marketing tricks. By tricks, I don’t mean sneaky, or sly ways of earning more. That is wrong and is the last way you should approach your business, but rather interesting tricks that have paid off in the long run.

First consider working harder to improve your design skills as a freelancer. As I mentioned before, being good at your craft and working in an efficient and useful way will lead to better, long-lasting clients. Not to mention the higher paying clients you need to sustain your business. The better your craft and the more efficiently your can portray your skills the better of the jobs will start to come your way.

Next, work at your presentation on the web, and work on becoming a digital minimalist. Clean up your email, focus on specific tasks and tone down the multi-tasking, and make your day a productive, effective day!

Work to keep your portfolio to high standards, show your clients that the work you do is changing the web, and give them a reason to hire you.

Social Media & Planning

Keep social media clean and organized, use social media as a networking and connection tool, not some marketing scam where you try to sell your products or services. Tweeting about your products once in a while is different than using social media solely for that purpose, keep in mind. I am not saying you can’t promote your new book, or share when you are open for new work. Just try not to overload your feed about these things.

Finally, work to better your day with a more well-thought out schedule. By using tools like Evernote and Prismatic, I was able to increase my productivity and remember things easier. I also was able to organize thoughts, ideas, and inspiration, thus making my work quicker and less of a hassle trying to find new things. Consider researching some tools to speed up your workflow, and fin ways to increase the value of your day, these will help lead to a smarter work day, not a harder one.

There you have it, thats how freelancers can earn more by working less. Got another tip, or a suggestion? Share it in the comments, we’d love to hear your say!

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