Deals Of The Week at UltraLinx


Minimal Floating Wall Desk

If you didn't know already, we have a deals site - a place where you can find great deals on software and hardware. We add new deals, giveaways and freebies every week. Here are some of the best deals available right now.

The Summer 2013 Mac Bundle- This is one of the best deals we have on right now. Featuring 10 top Mac apps, including the very popular Parallels app which lets you run all sorts of OS' on your Mac without having to make any partitions - you can literally run Windows in a window.

Mini Design Bundle - Why spend weeks creating design elements when you can buy them? Saving you an awful lot of time and headache. This mini design bundle features icon sets, logos backgrounds and much more.

The Entrepreneur's e-Book Bundle - If you're an aspiring entrepreneur this huge e-book bundle may be of great use to you. Reading success stories and finding out exclusive information from the best in many different industries is a great way to motivate you and push you to become a great entrepreneur.

The Adobe CS6 Training Bundle - Adobe's Creative Suite is easily one of the best and most versatile suite of applications that allows you to create graphics, edit photos, make websites and create videos. This training bundle will help you learn everything you can about these powerful applications.

These are just four of the deals we have going on our deals site. It's worth heading over there to find some other great deals you won't find anywhere else.