Breaking Bad Season 5 Finale Coming Exclusively To Netflix UK & Ireland

Breaking Bad may just be one of the best TV shows I’ve ever seen and I’m sure many will agree with me. We knew the Season 5 finale will be coming in August but only for American viewers – with it being an American show of course. But thankfully Netflix has saved us British and Irish folks.

The Breaking Bad Season 5 finale will be coming exclusively to the UK and Ireland Netflix for us to enjoy. The show will start on the 11th of August and the following day, on the 12th of August, we’ll be able to watch it too.

Instead of shipping all the episodes in one go like Netflix has done with shows before, it’ll ship them in accordance to how they’re broadcasted – once a week. So that it’s not ruined for the American viewers who can only watch one episode a week as its broadcasted.

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