6 Behance Tips to Promote Your Design Work


6 Behance Tips to Promote Your Design Work

Behance is a very cool site. It is incredibly useful to designers and creative people of all types because it has a wide variety of categories. It is also a great way to promote your work and get your name out there. In today's post, I am going to share some Behance tips for freelancers on promoting your design work.

1. Your Profile

The profile is a really important part of your Behance Account. It is the center of your work, your contacts, and all the other information about you. The first thing I suggest you do is fill it out. With all of the editing options, it is important that you take the chance to work with them. Do something special with your profile. Make it different that the default, and make it something to remember.

After editing it, be sure to fill it in with all the information needed. Share your experience, tag your skills, and link to your other social networks or websites. Also be sure to add a bit of your current projects. Linking to these will help share what you are up to. This is great if a client happens to come by your profile. Then they can see your work in a live atmosphere and not strictly images or renders.

Finally be sure to add some work. Whether this is a single post with multiple years worth of logos or a few single projects, be sure to share them.

2. The Projects

Just like your profile, be sure to customize your projects. Behance gives so many amazing customization features for the projects that it really makes it easy to present your work in style. Show multiple photos of your work, add some text describing the work, and link to live examples of the work if that is possible.

The more information and time you put into posts the more valuable they are to the viewers on the site thus increasing your appreciations and chances of popularity. Not that popularity, likes, and followers is everything, but having visibility is a great way to get new clients and connections so it doesn't hurt!

3. Social Sharing

Don't go over the top with this, but be sure to share some of your projects with your audience on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. This is a great way to build up some appreciations, comments, and views thus increasing your projects visibility. Plus it is always good to show your work and your process to your friends and fans. I am always interested in seeing my friends latest works.

6 Behance Tips to Promote Your Design Work

4. Network

I am a huge fan of networking. It took me a while to learn how valuable it is, but now that I have learned, I have tried to increase my networking skills and meet new people every single day. This also pertains to Behance. By commenting on other people's work, engaging in conversations, and following other designers I am interested in, I was able to grow my profile, meet loads of other cool designers, and overall just have a lot more fun with the site.

Think of Behance like a community and less like a promotional tool and you will be off to a much better start from the get-go. It isn't all about the personal gain. Remember that most people have the same goal. So why not help each other out instead of butt heads?

5. Promote Smart

The next I have is something that is sort of "in-progress". It isn't all that special, and I am fairly certain I am not the first person to try this, but either way it helps. Without being annoying or overly aggressive, remember to tag and properly fill out your work. By adding multiple variations of tags in my respective fields, my work was able to get many more views and thus more visibility. This is great when you are trying to get some new followers and promote your work.

6. Dive In

Finally I leave you with this: dive in. When you start using Behance, do your best to go all out. Give it time and be patient, your profile and portfolio will grow and prosper. Treat it just like any other social network and care for it. The more you work at improving it the better your chances of growing your audience and getting new clients, job prospects, and more opportunities all together.

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