5 Significant Skills to Learn for Working on The Web

Working on the web is a very fun job. You have so many resources directly at your fingertips and the opportunities are literally endless. Whether you have aspirations to delve into the design or development world, or you plan to write for a living, these skills will be beneficial on your path to success. So in this article I share 5 skills you should learn for working on the web. Learning these skills has helped me work faster, communicate better with other people working on the web, and improve my productivity immensely. So I strongly recommend you guys give these a chance.

1. Computer Care

Knowledge of computers has saved me hundreds if not thousands of dollars along with a whole lot of time. By learning the basics of the hardware and some of the more advanced software tricks I was able to protect my computer, keep it clean and organized, and repair it should a problem arise. Learn the basics of your computer. Keep your files and software organized. Most importantly, learn the ins-and-outs of your computer. This will help you diagnose issues fast and easy so that you can fix them yourself rather than spend money and time having others fix it.

Also be prepared for the worst. Always backup your information, whether in the cloud or on an external hard drive. This will save your data and important files should something happen to your computer.

2. Basic Web Development Skills

Learning HTML & CSS is almost imperative for designers, bloggers, marketers, and many other careers involved with work on the web. Learning HTML & CSS wasn’t all that hard either, read more about it here. All it takes is some time, dedication, and the drive to succeed. Take it just like any other language. Learn the basics, exercise those basics until you are comfortable, and then move on. Rinse and repeat this process a few times and you will begin to have a solid grasp of the basics and should you choose to move on to further languages it will be much easier for you.

3. Photography

Photography is an excellent hobby to have. Not only will it make your family happy, being that you can take great photos, but it will help you with your design process as well. It is also a great creative outlet to help you blow off some steam away from the computer. I found that by challenging myself to learn about photography and some of the more advanced techniques I was able to improve my skills as a designer due to problem solving and my improved eye.

4. Networking Skills

The ability to network is one of the most important skills I learned. Networking helps you build relationships with other people working on the web, thus creating a network of connections whom you could later use. Building friendships and meeting new people on the web has helped me to help others advance their career and advance my own personal career. Remember everyone is trying to reach their ideal goals, so don’t be a selfish networker. Help others and somewhere down the line I guarantee the karma will come back around your way.

5. Passion & The Will to Learn

Passion is the driving force behind any successful worker on the web. You wouldn’t be doing it if you didn’t care about it! Always be sure to choose a career you are passionate about if you have the opportunity to. You will go so much further if you are in love with what you do.

Also develop the will to learn both quickly and with ease. Learn how to deconstruct any skill and grasp it within weeks. Learning multiple skills is helpful. It is great to become an expert in a field, and I respect people who do that, but you can still learn other subjects. Expertise is developed by allowing yourself a broader picture and by learning new things, this can be achieved.

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