3 Quick Conversion Tips for Your Website


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For marketers, web designers, or self-employed people trying to market their product, every conversion counts. Getting a bigger email list, more sales, and more conversions are some of the most important aspects of your site. So how can you increase these so-called conversions in a non-intrusive way?

Well it is not as hard as you might think. In this article I will explain 3 quick conversion tips for you web site.

1. Call To Action (CTA)

Whether you are marketing a product, building an email list, or selling a product. Your call to action is the most important aspect of your entire project. This is how you can gain new sign ups in a quicker, but less intrusive manner than say a popup modal or lightbox. So make it a contrasting element on the page so that the user sees it when they first visit the site. Don't make this too distracting as to take away from the rest of the site.

Here are a few examples of perfectly executed call-to-actions that can help you get a better idea of how it is done.

3 Quick Conversion Tips for Your Website

3 Quick Conversion Tips for Your Website

2. Newsletter Placement

Newsletters are an essential to marketing for most blogs or products. The email is the most powerful way to sell products and services because you have direct contact with the users and are guaranteed their attention, for the most part. So don't take your newsletter lightly. The key placement of this is how you will increase your signups, thus increasing the success of your product or service.

Placing this newsletter signup form at the end of each blog post is an incredible way to get valued customers. Here's why. Say you have a visitor coming to your site. They see a blog post of interest. They are so intrigued that they stick around and read all the way to the end. Chances are, they will then see your newsletter form and signup to get more great content relevant to your blog posts. Voila, that is how it's done. It is not intrusive, makes it easy for a reader to decide whether or not to subscribe, and is the call to action, or end goal of your blog post and it's marketing tactics.

Here are a few smart examples.

3 Quick Conversion Tips for Your Website

3 Quick Conversion Tips for Your Website

3. Social Sharing

Social Media is an incredibly powerful way to improve your traffic and ultimately lead to more conversions. Chances are the more social media shares you get, the bigger potential your audience has to grow. So this, too, is an important aspect for conversions. Start by simplifying. Some blogs feel the need to include each and every social network to have on the list. It works when done extremely well, but chances are if you limit the social sharing buttons to say 2-3 you will get more shares. My best guess is to include Facebook, Twitter, & Google+, with StumbleUpon being a close 4th, specifically for blogs with viral or more sharable content to a wider audience.

By focusing on a few key social media share buttons you can bump up those shares and limit the distraction of your readers from the important parts of your website, like the blog post and the call to actions.

Here are some really creative examples.

3 Quick Conversion Tips for Your Website

3 Quick Conversion Tips for Your Website

Added Tips

Now that you've drastically improved your conversion rates, remember that content is still the driving force behind your successful marketing campaign. So don't think that by having all these fancy conversion tools will give you newsletters. Keep making great content, market it on the social networks, and build an audience. Over time you will see those newsletters grow, the conversions improve, and sales will start to roll in.

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