3 Quick Conversion Tips for Your Website | Part 2

Recently I wrote some quick tips to help improve conversions on a website. While these were some fair tips, I thought they could be expanded upon, so today I present part 2! Special thanks to my friend Adam for sharing a few pointers with me, he helped inspire this follow up post. Just a quick side not, you should totally check out Adam’s new flyer store, Flyer Heroes. He has a pretty cool site there.

Anyways, back to the main topic, 3 quick conversion tips part 2. In this follow up post, I will feature tips to help you: connect with your audience, attract them to your newsletter, and get them to fall in love with your content. So without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Connecting with Your Audience

Connecting with your audience can be a challenge. Starting out, I often remember looking at blog posts with 0 comments thinking, do my readers even care. Once I started getting more readers, I figured that this would change, but I was far from right. When it comes to connecting with your audience, you have to establish a community around your content. It is important to  have a sense of humor, respond to each and every comment you can, and truly make your readers feel less like your fans and more like your friends. This may seem completely irrelevant to your conversion ideas. I get it, how in the world can a community of happy friends make me money.

Well, have you ever noticed the influence you can have over your friends, or vice-versa? Exactly. By creating a community, you are getting an audience of trustworthy readers who will become enthralled with your content and who will be more than willing to take advice from you. So try to connect with your audience, it is the best way to get them to relate with you and share your belief of why this product is worth buying, or this book is worth reading, you get the point.

2. Attracting Readers to Your Newsletter

Ah, the infamous newsletter. A possession so prized, yet so hard to build. At first I thought it would be easy to build an email list. Hey, I will just plop this signup form on my site, I’m sure to get subscribers, right? Unfortunately it was not that easy. Building my newsletter didn’t only take time, but it took a bit of experimentation. When I truly saw growth is when I started to write engaging content that sparked conversation and led to some social promotion. Content that gave readers a reason to come back for more advice, tips, or good reads. Good content isn’t the same as the right content. Put it this way, good content is great, but be sure to make it relevant to what the reader is looking for. Something that will inspire your audience and inform them in a way that they will crave more of this content.

For me, I know right away when a blog post motivates me. It get’s you inspired, it fires you up, and it does this because it is exactly what you came for. So to truly attract new readers to subscribe to your newsletter think of the sort of content you die to read. The content, that is relevant to your blog of course, that would help someone in any way shape or form. Whether it be a tutorial, a free resource, or just an article they can relate to.

3. Other Methods of Promotion

After you’ve written this amazing content you will probably want to promote it. Sure, having an audience will help, but your own social promotion is always worth it. I recently saw something saying. Social media should be leveraged to drive newsletter subscribers, not sales. I completely agree. If you truly want to build an audience who will buy your product or service, you can’t expect social media to do it for you. Use social media as a means of getting the reader to your newsletter. Once there, grow with your readers. Share inspiring stories, interesting advice, and content that will make them share this newsletter with their friends. Then you will have built a loyal audience.

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