10 Ways to Stay Creative - How to Get New Ideas


10 Ways to Stay Creative - How to Get New Ideas

Over time, you may become uninspired, dull, or even bored with your profession. This is a common problem for a lot of designers, developers, or really any person.

It is not hard to overcome. With some simple tips to get new ideas, you could be back to work, and fully motivated within minutes. All it takes is the right push to get you going and strike the creativity jackpot.

1. Collaboration

I don't know about you, but whenever I start working with friends or colleagues, I am always twice as motivated. Having a person to push you, and set the bar high, makes me think better. It gives me the motivation I need to keep working. I am also more excited when working with a group, and this leads to bigger, and better ideas.

2. Vacation

As much as working extra might help you, it could potentially hurt you as well. During vacation, take time to read a good book, keep a pad around with a pen, and maybe bring your iphone or tablet. Try to stay away from the computer though. By switching it up, you can get better ideas, and keep your mind working in fresh, new ways. I always get some good ideas when reading and relaxing on vacation.

3. News & Events

By keeping up with the current news, events, and industry happenings, you can see all the great things happening in your profession. This always leads to inspiration and new ideas. If it does't, do something about it. Why not make the news with your next big idea?

4. Dialogue

Dialogue is a great way to express your opinions and argue with others in a controlled manner. By arguing and debating a topic, it will help you see multiple points of view to certain ideas, and can help you see the bigger picture. Conversation is a great way to discuss new ideas.

5. Travel

If you are too busy to travel, or aren't in a position to, remember even going for a walk or a hike is perfect. Travelling, whether it be to a foreign destination, or a near by location can lead to new inspiration. The slightest of things will refresh your mind. Sometimes just going outside can clear the mind.

6. Writing

Writing is one way I get ideas quickly. There are times when I will get started writing, and the page's just keep turning. At times ideas flow out like a river. Never pass up the opportunity to write an idea or story or thought down. Visually, it is easier to keep it, than try and remember it for a time.

7. Hobbies

Starting a new hobby is a great way to get some inspiration. It challenges you to work on new projects and gives you a different outlook on how to solve certain problems. Whenever I take on a new hobby, I research, take notes, and read a lot, this is sure to get some ideas flowing.

For example when learning a little bit about taking good minimal photographs I was able to get some ideas that translated into my graphic design work, and vice-versa now that I do a bit of both.

8. Challenges

Setting challenges or goals for yourself is a great way to keep yourself thinking. While challenges are tough, they give you a certain problem solving skill that always leads to new inspiration and creative thinking.

9. Videos

You may be thinking that Youtube or Vimeo videos are less inspirational, and more time-wasting. At first I thought the same thing, but upon further search I discovered some great videos that are not only inspiring, but inspirational.

Some great examples are Ted Talks, which is an epic source of speeches and truly thought convoking presentations, and Vsauce, which is a great youtube channel with funny and interesting, but informative videos about some common questions.

10. Boredom

The last way I find my ideas is by complete boredom. I don't just mean taking a break from the phone, or sitting and reading a book. I mean literally a state of nothing. No distractions, no music, no noise for that matter, not even anything close to distract you. Complete boredom is when we really clear our minds and start thinking.

It leads to creativity and creative thinking, and will surely help you on your quest for ideas and fresh thoughts.