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Mextures for iPhone

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Mextures for iPhone

Photo editing apps seem to be never ending on the iOS platform, so many of the top apps are picture-based apps. And now there is another photo editing app that is making the rounds.

Mextures is a photo editing app which doesn't just have filters that transform the look of your pic, but it also has textures, these textures can add a very different feel to the pictures you take.

Mextures has over 70 original textures and filters that can be applied to your images. You can choose how much of an impact the filter has on your picture so you can get the effect just right. But it doesn't stop there, you can also choose many different blending modes, just like you can Photoshop. And the best part of it all is the ability to have multiple filters stacked on top of each other - something which I've yet to see in any other popular image editing app.

When you find the perfect formula you don't have to remember how it was done, you can directly save that formula for future use - making it a lot easier to get that unique effect you applied on a previous picture.

Mextures also doesn't have a silly amount of in-app purchases which seem to be taking over most apps these days. You simply buy the app once from the App Store and you have everything available to you from the get go.

Mextures for iPhone