Luxury Leather Accessories by Valentine Goods

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Luxury Leather Accessories by Valentine Goods

I've covered some of Valentine Goods before for the iPhone 4S, I was pretty impressed with the luxurious leather backs they had for the iPhone 4S.

Since then they've expanded, adding more products, more variations and the ability to laser-etch in basically anything you like. They were kind enough to send me some of their products again.

This time round they sent over black leather backs for the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. They also sent me a leather mouse mat. The iPhone 5 and iPad Mini leather had the UltraLinx logo laser-etched into them.


The first thing you'll probably notice is the smell. The leather backs have a very distinctive and lovely smell of leather. And the smell lasts for a long while. It's a very luxurious smell which I'm sure leather lovers will appreciate. The feel of the leather backs are very premium indeed.


The leather backs stick on using a 3M adhesive which they have specially developed themselves. This means that you get ultra stick but it will leave no residue at all if you decide to take it off. If you don't expose it to dust you can easily re-stick it.


The leather mouse mat follows the same luxurious feel of the leather backs. It compliments my wooden desk very well. On the underside is thick layer made from cork and I was skeptical about it gripping on my very smooth desk but was pleasantly surprised at how well it stayed put. I have a dual-screen setup which means my mouse is moving around. The mouse mat stays put and grips very well.

All the leather accessories Valentine Goods provide come in huge list of variations. You can choose all sorts of materials including black crocodile and stingray - very fancy materials.

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