Kingdom Rush Frontiers for iPad & iPhone

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Kingdom Rush Frontiers for iPad & iPhone

Kingdom Rush, easily my most favourite game on the iPad has just got a sequel - Kingdom Rush Frontiers. This new version is a whole new app in its own and is available on iPad and iPhone.

Kingdom Rush is a highly addictive tower defence game. The graphics are simply stunning and remind me of the days of Pokemon on Gameboy. There are 18 different towers to fight off 40 different enemies. You get a whole host of other features which enhance your gameplay and make it a truly great game. For those who have played the game before you'll be very familiar with it as it is very much the same as the original version.

I recommend going for the HD version on the iPad, with the larger screen it's great fun.

The Android version will be coming but there is no set date yet. You can still get the original Kingdom Rush on Android though.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers for iPhone | HD for iPad