New iOS 7 & OS X Logos Are Now Super Minimal

Apple’s WWDC event starts on Monday and it’s usually the event where they announce some new software and maybe some new products. What we will definitely see though is the new iOS 7 and most probably a new version of OS X.

Rumours have been flying around like crazy over the past few months over Apple moving to a more flat design for their software. To get a taste of what kind of flat design we might see, Apple has started decorating the event place, showing off the new iOS 7 and OS X logos. They’re ridiculously simple but at the same time pretty stunning.

The iOS 7 logo just seems to be on a dot grey background with the 7 having a multiple coloured gradient. The OS X logo is just an X on what seems to be some simple ocean waves.

It’s clear that Apple are going for a more flat and fresher look, it will be exciting to see what they come up with.


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