Apple Announce iOS 7 With All New Flat Design

As expected, Apple has announced the all new version of of their mobile, iOS 7. This new version has an all new design, completely different from the previous generation – though it does still follow the same grid style.

All the icons and the whole UI has been changed, everything is much flatter and a lot more colourful. The system as a whole has been changed too, including the notification center, multitasking, iTunes, photos and much more.

There is a new feature called Control Center which now allows you to carry out system tasks such as turning on/off WiFi quicker than before.

From a designer’s point of view though, this is really ugly. I’m really disappointed the designers at Apple could even approve of this and dare think it was good looking. Who knows what they were thinking. Hopefully it’s a lot better in use.

iOS 7

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