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5 Best Places for Free Fonts

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Ever wondered where all the beautiful fonts I use came from? I normally try to search for nice free ones, due to the fact that a lot of fonts are expensive these days. However; paid fonts are normally well worth the price, mind you. Anyways, that's beside the point. In this post, I am going to feature my top 5 best places for free fonts. Find the perfect font for your next project.

Note: We have a free font selection which we regularly update so make sure to check that out - Free Fonts

1. Lost Type

Lost type is essentially a pay-what-you-want type foundry. You can get fonts for free, but it's always nice to leave a tip and support the cause. They have a bunch of amazing contributions from some of the best type designers around, and they are great for personal or commercial projects.

5 Best Places for Free Fonts

2. FontSquirrel

FontSquirrel is an absolute powerhouse with hundreds of amazing fonts. Perfect for web typography, designs, or any use really. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

5 Best Places for Free Fonts

3. DaFont

Dafont is great for finding fonts of any kind. They have awesome custom fonts that are very unique.

5 Best Places for Free Fonts

4. Fontstruct

Fontstruct is a great resource for free fonts and custom typefaces. It has a huge selection and a nice font creator as well.

5 Best Places for Free Fonts

5. UrbanFonts

UrbanFonts is a great place with thousands of cool fonts. They have some creative, unique fonts for any project you could imagine!

5 Best Places for Free Fonts