4 Quick Blogging Tips for Beginners

Blogging is incredibly fun. Whether it be for a business or a personal blog, it is a great way to express your opinions or share some awesome articles with others. In this post, I want to share some quick blogging tips for beginners. Whether this is a personal blog or not, these tips can apply to anyone really.

1. Have a Plan

Preparation is the key to success. That was a great quote by Alexander Graham Bell. It is important to always have a plan and map out what you want to accomplish. When starting your blog you should have a few things in mind. First get set up with the hosting and domain. For this post I will assume you have that handled. At this point you before initially launching your blog. Consider getting all the social media accounts needed, and try your best to get a username that is identical or almost identical to your sites name.

After getting all those accounts set up. Start creating some content. This is the key to any blog. Try to have atleast 10 posts or more fully complete before even considering to launch your blog. Also have back up posts saved away and ready in case you get busy.

2. Promotion

After handling the setup of the blog and content creation, you need to consider promotion of your work. This does not have to be advertising, atleast paid that is. You can gain a huge audience by simply doing some quick free things to boost your blog traffic. Posting new content is the best way, because then people can find you in the search engines. Once you have a post consider some ways to promote it. Some of these include social media, guest blogging, and sharing on social bookmarking sites like reddit, stumbleupon, etc.

Another little tip you must consider is to leverage your new visitors. Try to make “follow” buttons present on your site. That way new visitors can follow your content and you will continuously build up an audience through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and other sites.

3. Design + Development

Now that you have a good start to your blog, consider working on the design and development. Design is what makes your website unique and attractive. Development is also important. You can use this to implement cool plugins and time-saving tools to make your blog even better.

Also work on the images used in both your blog posts and on your social media. The more professional these are, the better they reflect your blog. This will help you gain support and people will see your blog as a professional site and not just some random content they came across on the web.

4. Monetization

The final tip I offer you is monetization. Not all bloggers want to make money, but why not while you’re at it? Monetizing your blog can be a great way to create a little bit of income and get paid doing something you love. This can be through advertising, selling products, or even affiliate marketing. There are so many ways to make money from blogs and there are always new ways popping up – the key is to find what’s the best way for you.

Another quick point you may realize. You don’t have to directly make money from your blog. For example say you are a designer or developer. By blogging on this top on your site, if you gain a following, it shows you are well rounded and experienced in this field. While you may not do well with advertising, blogging can also get you jobs in the fields you chose. This is another benefit of having a blog.


No matter what your reasoning for blogging, I hope these tips were at least slightly useful to you. They are very, very basic, but this is the flow I followed when working on blogs in the past and it has proven successful. Just remember this one thing. Blogging is not all about the money and profitability. Keep it about the readers, and in their best interesting, and you have a much higher change of being successful.

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