YouTube Officially Launches Paid Subscriptions

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YouTube Officially Launches Paid Subscriptions

YouTube has just launched it's very much rumoured paid subscription plan. This allows select YouTube channels to enable a paid subscription to their videos. Prices start from as little as £0.69 a month but content providers are allowed to choose whatever pricing they like. They can also provide yearly subscriptions at a discounted rate. Be enabling a paid subscription you get to watch the videos without any ads - a very clean viewing experience.

This now allows YouTube content creators to create a whole new way of monetizing their videos - something which has been sought after for a while now.

Only a select few channels are having the subscription option enabled for their channel, and they're usually major content providers, ones which have full teams and are a lot more developed than just a one man YouTube channel. However the option will roll out to other channels in the future so more YouTube content creators can have the feature.

You can see the paid channels which are currently available here.