Xbox One

Microsoft have just announced their new Xbox console, the Xbox One.

The new Xbox One has a powerful 8-core CPU and GPU, 8GB of RAM, large 500GB HDD, Blu-Ray drive, and multiple USB 3.0 port.

Along with the new console will come an all new Kinect and new controller. Both will come packaged with every new Xbox One.

The new Kinect now has a 1080p wide-angle camera which can even read your heartbeat. The new controller is based on the old one, but with an all new design and 40 design changes.

Taking voice commands from the previous console, Microsoft have taken them up a step. You can turn on the Xbox by simply saying ‘Xbox on’. The interface is all new and looks remarkably like the new Windows 8 OS. Voice commands will now let you navigate quickly through the system, getting you to features quicker than your controller would.

Even though the new interface isn’t like fully fledged OS, a feature Microsoft are calling Snap Mode, allows you to run two apps alongside each other – like a movie on one side and Internet Explorer on the other.

Instead of having to buy external recording devices, Xbox One now has a DVR system which allows you to record gameplay and upload directly. It can then be shared over Xbox Live and other social networks.

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