How Much Will The Xbox One Cost In The UK? £599.99 According To Amazon


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The Xbox One is up for pre-order and according to many sources it's murdering other consoles when it comes to units pre-ordered. But most of those people who have pre-ordered don't know the price of the console yet, they're probably thinking it'll cost around £300-£400. Well according to Amazon they'll be paying a lot more.

Xbox One Price

The Xbox One is up for pre-order on the online retailer right now for a whopping £599.99. When the Xbox 360 was first released it was around £300, a massive difference.

The PS3 was £425 when it first came out. So who knows, it may be even more than the price of the Xbox One. I'm thinking Sony will play this to their advantage because Microsoft have released a lot more about the Xbox One than the PS4. Sony may surprise everyone with a more exciting console, more exciting features and a lower price. E3 will be where all is revealed.


PS4 Price

It looks like the PS4 is also up for pre-order on Amazon to at the same price. So maybe these prices are just figures Amazon have thrown up knowing the actual price will be lower.