The Best Response To The Xbox One Reveal

When Microsoft’s new console reveal stream went live, I was at work so I missed it unfortunately. I work with my brother and he came out and told me the name of Microsoft’s new device. I assumed it would be called Xbox Infinity and I was even somewhat grew accustomed to that name and started to like it. Then he told me it was named the “Xbox One”. My heart sank and being someone who plays on the Xbox primarily, I am not a fan of this name at all.

Then I went home and watched the actual stream archive and, though I’m…optimistic about this console, there are several things that I just flat out don’t agree with. I don’t know how to feel: Angry? Confused? Hateful? Betrayed? It was hard to explain my emotional state but the internet, like always, was there to really explain my feelings in the best possible way.

This Gif below is the best interpretation of how you should feel in regards to the Xbox One (ew!). It uses a defining scene in cinema from the movie Se7en. I won’t go and ruin any of the context but everything in this movie synced up so perfectly with the text that you’ll laugh so hard since it’s all so damn true! You made the exact faces Brad Pitt did. You tried to console what was going on in your head like Morgan Freeman. Yet there’s nothing you can do it about.

I’m not gonna lie and say I won’t get the console. I know I will for a fact. It’ll be a bittersweet feeling however.

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