Name Your Own Price Adventure Gamer Bundle & $1000 STEAM Credits | Deal

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The Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle 3.0 | Deal

The Name Your Own Price deals are super popular on the deals store, some of them sell in the tens of thousands.

This new deal gives you 6 games worth $67 in value. You simply put in any price you're willing to pay over $3.21 and you can have all six games - pretty good deal right.

Games include:

  • The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic
  • 4 Elements
  • Royal Envoy
  • The Tiny Bang Story
  • Storm in a Teacup
  • Gardenscapes

However there is another thing you can get hold of by purchasing this deal - a $1000 worth of credits for STEAM. To get your chance of winning $1000 worth of STEAM credits you simply have to pay the highest price for the deal. The leader at the moment is at $66, all you have to do is enter a dollar more. For $67 or more you could get your hands on credits worth $1000! Sweetens the deal if you ask me.

Simply follow the link below to get more info on the deal.

Name Your Own Price Adventure Gamer Bundle

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