Pinterest Adds More Useful Info To Pins

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Pinterest Adds More Useful Info To Pins

Pinterest are constantly evolving their site adding new features here and there when highly requested by users. Recently they launched a great redesign which has gone down well in the Pinterest community.

Today they've added some new features to pins which they're simply calling 'More Useful Pins'. Some pins will now display a lot more information than just a picture and the pinner's added description. Pinterest is working with clothes, furniture, product, food recipe and movie sites to bring more useful information to pins.

When a user pins a product from an online store like ASOS, it'll automatically get the price of that product and put it on the pin. Food recipe pins now have the recipe on the pin itself, no having to go to an external source. Films now link sites like Netflix from where ratings will be added and a direct link to the film on Netflix.

It's a very good move from Pinterest. It's a lot more of an engaging experience and will benefit users a lot.

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